April 16 & 17, 2005--Shelter Neck Spring Grand Opening  
          -- "Ants, Plants, and Dance" INTERGENERATIONAL Weekend FOR ALL AGES
A celebration of our Seventh Principle, encompassing North Carolina culture above and below the ground
 Sponsored by: Universalist Convention of NC, Inc.

Our opening weekend was very productive and adventuresome. Alice Zawadzki joined us on Saturday and led a morning tour of the Shelter Neck grounds, teaching the youth to identify native plants. Then, the adults received a lesson in wildflower identification by using a guidebook.

In the early afternoon, we drove to the "Ghost of Big Savannah" nearby, where a controlled burn has helped to re-establish native carniverous plants. Alice's colleague Zac Hill joined us on our walk, as we found pitcher plants, sundew, bladderwort and others.

When we returned, our youth service project added plants to the Phobe Cates Memorial Garden.


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