Seventh Principle Inter-Generational Weekend

from "The Tar Heel Universalist"
editor:   Barbara_Kornegay

"It's time to recognize the environmental crisis as a faith issue," says Katherine Jesch, Director of Environmental Ministry for the UUA, and coordinator of the Green Sanctuary program.  "Becoming a Green Sanctuary recognizes a congregation for putting its environmental values into practice . . .. When we go public with our commitments, it encourages others to take a stand as well."

Jesch brought her program to eastern North Carolina to Shelter Neck UU Camp on the weekend of May 24, 2003. Activities included: "Eco-Spirit Rising" and "The Elm Dance" led by Katherine on Friday evening.

Saturday morning began with the Plenary Session, "A Green Faith for a Greener World" which explained the "Green Sanctuary" program (similar to the process of becoming a "Welcoming Congregation"). Later, the Cape Fear Riverkeeper, Bouty Baldridge, shared his ideas on "Why Rivers Matter". A large party canoed the river during afternoon free time. In the evening, the "Council of All Beings" was led by Katherine Jesch, followed by a Campfire Circle.

Sunday morning service was conducted by Katherine Jesch in the historic Chapel.

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