Shelter Neck Inter-Generational Weekend Makes Music

from "The Tar Heel Universalist"

editor:   Barbara Kornegay

Shelter Neck hosted about 54 people (including 9 children and 6 teens) the weekend of March 29-30, 2003 with the theme of "Music Inspiring Unitarian Universalism". The children rehearsed songs, and made percussion instruments , as well as kings' crowns and angel wings, all under the direction of Cynthia Wade of UUFR. Camp staff had to deal with a problem well-pump, so adult activites were unsupervised

The children and youth presented a talent show Saturday night , featuring jokes, poems, several solo performances, and lots of sing-a-longs.

Sunday Service included performances by the Children's Choir and the Women's Choral Group. Rev. Brian Clougherty told a story about a young woman whose mental limitations caused a very clumsy gait. But when music played, she could walk well and even dance gracefully. Brian's sermon reflected on the power of music, stories and symbols to bring a wholeness that transcends brokenness.

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